If you have just found out you will be moving; you can start to feel pretty overwhelmed. There is always a lot to do when you have to move from one city to another or even from one area of a town to another. The good news is that having an excellent moving checklist can help you stay focused and get everything done. Here is what should be on your moving checklist.

Moving Day

You need to figure out when your moving day will be. This will depend on many different factors depending on where you are moving to, why you are moving, if you are renting, or if you bought and now needed to sell your house. Figuring out what your moving day has to be one of the first things you do so you know what your timetable is.

Hire Movers or Friends

You will then need to figure out if you are going to hire professional movers or ask friends and family to help with your move. Since you now have a date, this will be easy to plan. If you do hire movers, find a good company and make sure you are aware of the costs. If you are going to have friends help, make sure to offer them a meal and a big thank you once your move is complete.


After you have your moving date set, you can start packing. See if you can get boxes from friends and neighbors. A lot of people often have moving boxes in their garage that would be happy to give them to you. That way you don’t have to spend money on buying any.

Packing is going to take some time so make sure you allow for that. You don’t want to have to stay up all night the day before getting it all done. If you have the extra money, you can also hire people to pack for you, but that means not being as aware of where your stuff is going.


After you have moved your belongings out of your home, you will need to deep clean it. If you are renting, you will have a security deposit you want to try to get back. If you are selling your home or have already sold it, you want it clean for the showings or for the next people who will be moving in. In some cases, you should call a cleaning company to help you, but a lot of the deep cleaning can be done yourself.


Your next step will be unpacking in your new home. This is something you want to try to do as soon as you can. If you put it off, you might not ever get to it and will have boxes in your home forever. Try to spend one or two days getting everything squared away instead of dragging out the unpacking process. You will get your home in living order a lot sooner that way.

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