cross country moving photo

Needless to say, moving across the country is not an easy task. From the initial packing up of your house and coordinating moving day to changing your address and settling in the new place, the move is always stressful. To ensure a successful cross country relocation, it is recommended you take some considerations into account. This article will provide top tips to ensure the cross country move is easy and successful.

1: Lighten Your Load

Most moving companies base their overall rate on the weight of the belongings. This means the more you have to transport, the more costly the task will be. Given that most cross country moves are highly expensive, you will need to save some cash in smaller ways. Lightening your load can reduce the cost of moving. Try selling some items before the move to second-hand stores or using online facilities. You can also donate items to charitable organizations, such as the Salvation Army or Habitat For Humanity.

2: Making Travel Arrangements In Advance

Never wait for the last minute to arrange traveling tasks. When moving across the country, you must research all the details approximately one or two months in advance. Ranging from hotel reservations to airplane tickets, advanced travel arrangements can ensure the move is successful.

3: Using All The Hands Available

One of the most significant factors for moving across the country is packing. It is possible to do this independently, but several hands are more effective than one pair. For instance, if you are moving with your family, it is beneficial to ask each member to help out. Have the older children pack up their rooms and help with the smaller items. Always show a child how to pack a box properly, so you don’t end up with more packages than necessary.

4: Obtain Quotes From Several Moving Companies

Individual services can differ according to the moving company, so it helps to speak with several companies before committing. Always interview a minimum of three companies to find the company most suitable for your move.

5: Reviewing The Company’s Insurance And License

The last thing you want when moving across the country is to hire an unprofessional or scam moving company. Luckily, scam artists are easily detected if you know the factors to consider when searching for a moving company. In many cases, rogue movers do not have any licensing or insurance – always ask about this and review the issue. To check if a moving company is licensed, you should research them using their U.S. DOT number. The company should provide you with information on their insurance policies when discussing the move.

6: Documenting The Condition Of Your Items

When packing your belongings, it is advised that you take a photograph or video of the items in the boxes. This will help to document the original condition of the belongings. This information is useful if anything is damaged or broken during the move – you have proof of mishandling. Proof can help if you plan on filing a claim and seeking compensation for the items.

7: Consider Renting A Moving Container

A popular method of cross country moving without hiring expensive companies is to rent a portable container. A moving container is beneficial for items needing storage before or after a move because they can be used as a storage pod. The most popular container companies include U-Haul U-Boxes, PODS, and ABF’s U-Pack ReloCubes.

8: Moving Insurance

If you hire a moving company for cross country moves, you must consider the insurance options. Basic protection covers the bare minimum, so if you require more protection, it may be necessary to purchase full value insurance. For a more comprehensive type of coverage, it may be best to purchase insurance from third-party companies.

9: Asking For A Contact Number

Moving across a country can take several days depending on the number of belongings and company. To remain updated on the status of your mover, it is advised that you ask for the driver’s contact number. Regardless of whether it is via email or telephone, the moving company should provide contact details for the driver. In some cases, a representative from the moving company will contact the driver on your behalf.